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Workshop on Characterizing Risks and Uncertainties in Water Management

WSTA in coordination with Palisade are organizing a hands on training workshop on Characterizing Risks and Uncertainties in Water Management using Monte Carlo Simulation (software @RISK).

Palisade’s @RISK software uses Monte Carlo simulation to enable analysts and decision makers to see all possible scenarios, as well as understanding how likely they are to occur. The tool has many applications within the utilities sector, ranging from water demand forecasting, risk registers, and capital projects cost estimation, through to schedule risk analysis, Black Start restoration analysis, and demand side management strategy modelling. In this session, Palisade will give a run-through of the capabilities of the tool in a project cost context, including the use of tornado graphs for sensitivity analysis to identify key drivers of uncertainty. Attendees will then be given a hands-on training session to show how easy it Is to use the tool by building a simple water demand forecasting model using the software.

Using @RISK at the workshop

Attendees will need to have a trial version of @RISK installed on their laptops for this workshop, with free trials being available at www.palisade.com. Please note that free trials are only valid for 15 days so it is advisable to install trials a few days before the workshop. In the event delegates have expired trials or experience any other issues, please contact Dana on danak@palisade.com and CC in Doug Oldfield at doldfield@palisade.com

The workshop will take place during the conference on the second day 29th March 2017 at the conference venue in Crown Plaza. The Hall name will be announced during the first day of the conference.

Fees $100
Timing 4:00PM - 6:00PM
06:00PM - 06:20PM Break
06:20PM - 07:00PM Continue

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