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    1. Groundwater and Surface Water Resources

    Groundwater storage augmentation (e.g., ASR, ASTR; Water Harvesting, recharge dams; ...; Groundwater Protection; Groundwater Modeling approaches; Rainfall-runoff modeling; conjunctive use of surface and groundwater.

    2. Desalination

    Innovative technologies; energy efficiency; mitigating environmental impacts; use of renewable energy; zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

    3. Municipal Wastewater

    Innovative treatment technology; management of wastewater utilities and performance benchmarking; decentralization vs. centralization policies; reuse; energy efficiency and energy recovery.

    4. Municipal Water

    Management of water supply utilities and performance benchmarking; Non-revenue water management; innovative demand management (economic, pricing/tariffs, structural, and legislative instruments; integrated urban water management.

    5. Agricultural Water Management

    Innovative irrigation and agricultural methods; innovative demand management (economic, structural, and legislative instruments); salt-resistant and drought-tolerant crops.

    6. Industrial and Oil Water Management

    Management best practices of industrial water supply and discharge in the GCC; Management of water produced with oil (oil-associated water); Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse

    7. Water Sector Financing

    Innovative financing schemes of water and wastewater projects; subsidies and cost recovery; cost optimization; role of private sector and PPP

    8. Governance, institutional and legislative frameworks

    Innovative institutional structures for effective water management; water laws and compliance; water regulations (green building, building codes, stakeholders participation.

    9. Climate Change and Water Resources

    GHG mitigation measures (NDCs) related to the water sector; Vulnerability assessment of the water sector to climate change and variability; Adaptation options in the water sector.

    10. Water-related Environmental and Health Issues

    Innovative solutions in water quality and pollution prevention; impact of desalination on the environment; reuse of treated wastewater and its associated health and environmental risks; health and environmental issues related to bottled drinking water; Water Safety Plans/water quality assurance systems.

    11. Special Session on Water SDGs

    During the conference, a special session will be held on the water-related Sustainable Development Goals. The session will look at the direct water related SDGs, i.e., SDG6, and the indirectly related SDGS such as SDG2 on agricultural practices, SDG7 on energy, and SDG13 on climate change, and others). What are the countries efforts and what they need to do to achieve the water and water related SDGs. The role of research in helping achieve these SDGs.

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